6 inch bottle top cake sparklers case
6 inch bottle top sparklers package

6" Inch Bottle Top / Cake Sparklers ( 480 Sparklers )

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6" Inch Bottle Top and Cake Sparklers Case

Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers are a great way to dramatically light up your Birthday Party, Wedding, or Event! Our Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers measure approximately 6” long and .5” in diameter. When lit, the sparklers burn for about 40 seconds, with a 12” to 16" gold fountain effect. These sparkling cake/bottle sparklers are safe to use on cakes and other foods. They have a 1” long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler to help set and secure it in any cake or food product. 

These Birthday Cake / Bottle Top sparklers also work great for champagne bottle service. To use them on a bottle you can use one of our Bottle Service Clips that just clips onto the neck of your bottle, then insert the bottle service sparkler into the side of the clip with the plastic tip down. Next light the flat white top of the tube with a lighter. Be sure to lean the bottle away from anyone when lighting the birthday cake sparklers. 

 Birthday Cake / Bottle Top sparklers are recommended for outdoor use only.