Blue Gender Reveal BaseBall Case
Gender Reveal Powder Baseball - Blue - Case

Blue Gender Reveal Powder Baseball Case 18/1

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Blue Gender Reveal Baseball Case

What's Included/What to Know:

- 18 blue powder baseballs included

- Blue removable tag attached to the baseball

- Strongly suggest using a metal/wooden bat

- Will not bust if dropped on grass

- Will bust if dropped on concrete

Our Blue Gender Reveal Baseballs come with one baseball filled with vibrant non-toxic blue colored powder. Our cases come with 18 baseballs in a case. When the ball is hit for a home run or the pitcher throws a fastball against a wall, it creates a cloud of blue powder smoke. These balls have been hit by children as young as 3. They will bounce and not bust if missed on grass, but they will break when missed over concrete. We suggest to use a metal or wooden bat for your surprise home run.