Gender Reveal Powder Soccer Ball - Blue - Case

Blue Gender Reveal Powder Soccer Ball Case 27/1

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Blue Gender Reveal Soccer Ball Case

Order Includes:

- 8 shells of gender reveal soccer balls

- 8 bags of pink/blue powder

Soccer fans will love these powder balls. How fun will it be to incorporate your favorite sport when announcing your little one’s gender?

Our Blue Gender Reveal Soccer Balls come sealed with blue colored powder on the inside of the ball. When the ball is kicked for a GOOOOOOAAAALLLL it creates a captivating cloud of blue powder smoke. These soccer balls have been kicked by children as young as 5 or 6 and we suggest using shoes or cleats that can get dirty.

These blue soccer powder balls are strong enough to not break if accidentally dropped on softer surfaces but once it is kicked, expect a tremendous cloud of color. Avoid dropping on the hard ground areas such as concrete, pavement, and rock because the ball will break on those surfaces.

If you place the order before 2pm CST, we will ship the order out same day.

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