18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Gold Metallic
18" Gold Metallic Streamer Cannon - Wedding Celebration
18" Confetti Streamer Cannon - Gold Metallic
18" Gold Metallic Streamer Cannon - Wedding Celebration

Gold Metallic Streamer Cannon

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No matter what type of event you’re hosting, you’ll love the way our gold metallic streamer cannon captures the light when it’s deployed. I Love Sparklers sells high-quality streamer cannons that are guaranteed to be safe when used as directed. We pride ourselves on fast, affordable shipping and a great selection of perfect party cannons for every event.

What is a Gold Metallic Streamer Cannon Used For?

The gold metallic streamer cannon makes the perfect party accessory for the following reasons:

  • Symbolism - Gold symbolizes luxury, wealth, and love. It’s the color of kings and queens
  • Birthdays – Your golden birthday occurs when you are the same age as your birth date.
  • Golden Anniversaries – The 50th Anniversary is commemorated with gold.
  • Weddings – Gold is one of the most iconic wedding colors, classically paired with white, blue, or silver.
  • Christmas – Metallic silver and gold confetti streamers are the perfect addition to a parade or a festive party.
  • Hannukah – In addition to gelt, a streamer cannon can make a perfect little gift for children.
  • Diwali – King Hima’s son was saved from death by snakebite due to a pile of gold at the family’s door.
  • Mardi Gras – The Rex of the 1892 parade in New Orleans used gold to symbolize power.
  • New Year’s party items – Out with the old and in with the new: wishing you a happy new year with gold streamers.
  • Sports – Rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates, LA Lakers, or Golden State? Celebrate the win with gold.

How to Use Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons

I Love Sparklers’ gold metallic streamer cannons work using compressed air, with no smoke or pyrotechnics involved. Hold the ” canister with one hand, point upward, and twist the bottom tube with the other hand. The cannon will “pop,” shooting the streamers up to 20 feet high. Be sure to have your cameras ready or buy multiple cannons for dramatic effect.

What Makes the Gold Metallic Streamer Different from the Gold Metallic Confetti?

Unlike our paper streamers, the metallic variety is not biodegradable. However, the larger strands are easily swept up and disposed of. Confetti streamers fall faster than small snippets of regular confetti, but they tend to twirl and “dance” on the way down, which many people prefer. The streamers also capture the light and dazzle audiences. You’re not limited to either/or, however. Why not buy a few streamer cannons and a few confetti cannons to mix it up for maximum impact?

When Will I Receive My Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons?

Place your party supplies order before 3 pm for same-day shipping. After 3 pm, we’ll send your supplies on the next business day. You can expect to receive your order via UPS Ground in about a day if you live in Texas or within two to five days in all other US locations. Spend more than $50, and your order ships free.

Customer Reviews

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Steven C.H.
Spectacular Spectacle

The gold metallic streamer cannons were amazingly perfect. They accented the end of the production number with a literal bang. Thank you!

Jason D.
Had some duds

When you’re really wanting the fun experience, having duds is a wet blanket. What’s worse is there is no way to test them before it’s “go” time, so they either work or they don’t. Bummer.

Hi, I'm sorry that you had a dud when you went to use your cannons. I looked up your order and saw that you ordered 24 cannons. How many of the cannons had an issue?


Vickie C.

I actually ordered the confetti 1st by mistake and they helped me cancel and fix the order for streamers. So quick and easy!!!
We used it for an end to performance. Loved the streamers. We had a group with 28 streamers going off. It looked amazing