White Powder Cannon
White Powder Cannon

White Powder Cannon

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Introduce a cloud of dazzling white to your next event, whether it’s a festival, wedding, baptism, corporate team-building activity, holiday party, or another special occasion. A handheld powder cannon works with the simplicity of compressed air-- just hold the cannon with both hands, twist the bottom with one hand, and watch the white powder blast 20 feet up in the air. Safer than fireworks, a white powder cannon is an equally fun way to celebrate.

White is the Color of Weddings, Baptisms, and First Communions!

A white powder cannon symbolizes freshness, cleanliness, simplicity, purity, and light. Not surprisingly, this color is often associated with religious ceremonies like weddings, christenings, and communions. Powder cannons can be deployed during a first dance, couple entrance, photoshoot, or send-off at weddings. They can also be given out for baptism or communion party favors.

More Reasons to Buy a White Powder Cannon

White is also often used in holiday celebrations for Hannukah (as the color of prayer shawls and the Jewish flag), Christmas (as the color of snow), Independence Day (along with red and blue-- American flag colors), and New Year’s Eve (paired with silver for an elegant display). In addition, white can be used at birthday parties, graduations, and corporate events to add a classy touch of excitement.

A White Compressed Air Powder Cannon Provides Safe, Exciting Fun

A white compressed air powder cannon is best used outdoors. However, these handheld cannons are smoke-free and explosive-free, though they do shoot about 20 feet up into the air. Once the compressed air is released by rotating the bottom of the canister, a champagne-like “pop” goes off.

Eco-Friendly White Biodegradable Powder Poppers Wash Away When You’re Done

Recycle the paper canister and let Mother Nature take care of the rest, as the white water-soluble powder washes away with the rain. White biodegradable powder poppers are made with non-toxic, food-grade corn starch or rice powder that are fully biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Going to a Holi Festival? Check Out Our Full Line of Color Powder Cannons!

White is not a typical Holi Festival color, but we offer plenty of other colorful powder cannons you may use as Holi powder cannons. The most popular colors include red, yellow, green, and blue. For maximum impact, try combining white with another color for a beautiful display.

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