A Sparkling Surprise Birthday Party

Posted by Kendra Benge on 6/8/2017 to Creative Ideas
A Sparkling Surprise Birthday Party

One of the best ways to celebrate a birthday is with sparklers, especially if it’s a surprise party. From vibrant colored themes to fabulous food and activities, celebration sparklers add the perfect touch. In fact, there are several ways you can add magic to the air with the use of bright baubles, shiny trinkets and captivating birthday party sparklers. 

Say it With Your Cake 

The perfect presentation for a birthday cake is with bottle top/cake top sparklers. The sparklers not only add pizazz and excitement but they make the birthday star feel extra special. Image a cake that lights up with spectacular smokeless sparkles that reach about 10”. It would be a birthday cake presentation you would never forget. The 4” long and .5” thick dimensions are the ideal size for a cake. As well, you can add standard sized candles with the birthday number sparkler candles for a special effect.

Lasting about 30 seconds, the bottle top/cake top celebration sparklers are a fun and stress free way to light up a cake and celebrate the occasion. In addition, the smaller birthday cake sparklers come with a 1” long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler so that you can secure the sparkler to the cake safely. They are also multi-functional and can be used for bottle service when the celebration includes opening a bottle of wine or champagne. 

For the Kids

Birthdays are meant especially for kids. The joy and laughter of a child are what makes the times special. You can easily add delight and wonder to the party with surprise birthday sparklers. Just imagine how delighted the kids will be when you surprise them with 20" sparklers for the celebration. In truth, the children’s imagination is ignited with the bright glow of golden brilliance. The 20" sparklers are safe and easily entertain with a burn time of 2 enjoyable minutes. Additionally, each 20 inch sparkler packet comes with 30 sparklers to help you save and so you have plenty to share with the kids.

Sparkling Candles

A great way to make a kid feel special is to light number sparklers on their birthday cake. Number sparklers show off a child’s age making them feel more grown-up. Plus, sparklers are a wonderful alternative to the standard boring candles. Frankly, a child’s favorite memory during their birthday parties is when you bring out the birthday cake and blow out the candles. Sparklers with numbers will make the event a lot more magnificent. 

These wonderful birthday candle number sparklers are available in numbers from 0-9. Use the sparklers for just birthday cakes or to acknowledge a couples anniversary. For older folks, you can dimply combine the numbers to fit the milestone.

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