Have a SPARKLING Birthday

Posted by Caitlin Harmon on 11/8/2018 to Creative Ideas
Have a SPARKLING Birthday

One of the best ways to celebrate a birthday with not only regular birthday candles, are with some glamorous sparklers or confetti cannons. From dynamic colored themes to fantastic meals and activities, sparklers or cannons will add that perfect touch. In fact, there are several ways you can add magic in the air with the use of fascinating cake/bottle top sparklers, mesmerizing number party sparklers, or dazzling confetti cannons. 


The perfect display for a birthday cake is with bottle top/cake sparklers. The sparklers not only add the ideal touch and excitement to the festivity but they make the birthday star feel extra special. Envision a cake that lights up with breathtaking sparkles that reach about 10”. It would be a birthday cake display you would never forget. Our 4” or 6" bottle top/cake sparklers are impeccable for cakes or bottles. Lasting about 30-50 seconds, the bottle top/cake top sparklers are an enjoyable, stress free way to light up a cake or bottle and celebrate the occasion. In addition, the 4' birthday sparklers come with a 2.25” long plastic spike and the 6" birthday cake sparklers come with a 1.25" long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler so that you can secure the sparkler to the cake safely.  


A great way to make a kid feel special is to light number cake sparklers on their birthday cake. Number sparklers show off a child’s age making them feel more grown-up. Plus, sparklers are a wonderful alternative to the standard boring candles. Frankly, a child’s favorite memory during their birthday parties is when you bring out the birthday cake and blow out the candles. Sparklers with numbers will make the event a lot more fascinating. These wonderful birthday candle number sparklers are available in numbers from 0-9. You can have number sparklers alone or combine them with traditional birthday candles so the possibilities are endless. 


Our confetti blasters add a pop of excitement to any party you have. One of the most popular confetti cannons are the Multi-Color which is perfect for a birthday celebration. Parties sometimes are too simple or sluggish. However, people are trying new ways to add some excitement to the party that makes for an eventful occasion. One of the best ways to add that “WOW” factor is to include the confetti cannons. Handheld confetti cannons are also a great idea for a surprise party. When the birthday guest arrives scream “Surprise” while bursting our biodegradable confetti into the air to add to the picture.

These fun and entertaining ideas will without a doubt make your birthday one your friends and family will never forget! 

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