Add Sparks To Your Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine Day Box with Confetti Cannons

Add Sparks To Your Valentine's Day

When you buy sparklers and confetti cannons, you're typically planning for the Fourth of July. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find fireworks any other time of the year. But sparklers and confetti don't have to be reserved for one day of the year. In fact, these products can bring sparkle and excitement to your upcoming wedding or as Valentine's Day party favors. Does fireworks and Valentine's Day seem like an unusual combination? With Valentine's Day-themed heart-shaped sparklers and confetti canons, you can give any event a burst of fun and excitement.

Red Valentines Day Confetti Cannons

Red Heart Confetti Cannons

Want to add some excitement to your Valentine's Day wedding or event? When activated, confetti cannons launch a shower of red confetti hearts up to ten feet in the air. Confetti has been a party staple for decades, with its tiny colorful shapes and its myriad of uses for celebrations, games, announcements, and decorations. These confetti poppers with red hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day. Have your guests shower you with confetti during your wedding exit, or launch the cannons during your party for a fun surprise.

Unlike other party poppers, these cannons are powered entirely by compressed air--no fire or smoke that might cause complications. To activate the popper, simply hold the cannon with two hands and twist the bottom. A burst of confetti will shower from the cannon, then flutter gracefully to the ground. These poppers can be safely used both indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy the excitement no matter where your party is located.

Valentines Day Heart Sparklers

Valentine's Day Heart Sparklers

When most of us think of sparklers, we think of the thin rods that shoot clusters of sparks from the tip. But if you're planning a wedding or you need Valentine's party favors, you might want something more specific for the event. That's why heart-shaped sparklers are a great investment. You can light up the night with these glittering sparklers that send a message of love.

During the day, these heart sparklers can make good decorations or party favors--just keep them away from flames! When night falls, you can light the heart shape at the end of the rod, producing a sparkling light show on both sides of the heart. The light from each sparkler can last up to a minute. They produce a minimal amount of smoke, so you won't have to worry about smoke floating around while they take photographs. And each sparkler is 11-inches long, ensuring that the sparks won't get close to your hands.

Ready to Surprise and Dazzle Your Guests?

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