Are Confetti Cannons Allowed on Planes?

Handheld confetti cannons are not allowed on airplanes, whether in checked or carry-on luggage. The rationale behind the Transportation Security Administration’s ruling is that confetti cannons use compressed air to release the colored paper, and cabin pressure changes could cause the confetti to be released. While the canister contains nothing remotely dangerous, the loud noise could disturb other passengers. So, whether for a gender reveal, a wedding, or another type of celebration, it’s best to plan ahead.

Purple Confetti Cannon

How are confetti cannons classified?

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, confetti cannons fall under UN number 3164: Articles, Pressurized, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic, containing non-flammable gas. So you can make other plans, such as mailing them to your destination.

Are all biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons banned on planes?

Unfortunately, all biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons as well as gender reveal confetti cannons are banned from air travel, as they use compressed air to deploy them. You could bring pieces of paper confetti to throw by hand, but what fun would that be?

The good news is that there are no environmental-related restrictions on our biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons. The paper is dyed with non-toxic, cornstarch-based natural dyes, which safely dissolve in the rain.

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Can I have confetti cannons at a destination wedding?

Wedding confetti and streamer cannons are popular favors for weddings. I Love Sparklers can ship anywhere in the U.S. quickly via UPS Ground. Orders placed before 3 pm CST go out same-day, and all other orders go out next-business-day. Exact shipping times depend on your proximity to Houston, Texas, but generally, you can expect your party poppers in less than a week.

We can coordinate with your wedding venue or event planner to send the items directly to your destination so you don’t have to worry about taking them on a plane. Just be sure to let guests know they’ll have to release the confetti at some point before they fly back home. And it’s always a good idea to check with your venue to ensure no restrictions apply.

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