Can Sparklers Be Used in the Daytime?

Day sparkler wedding exit
Most traditional wedding reception send-offs happen at night, but sometimes a bride and groom have a different vision and would prefer an earlier exit. Having a daytime wedding shouldn't stop you from enjoying a sparkler sendoff

Still not sure about using send-off sparklers for daytime weddings? Check out these photos sent in from just a few of our brides and grooms. Our sparklers will put off enough sparkle to shine during the day and we have the photos to prove it! 
This couple decided that a wedding sparkler exit had to be added to their beach wedding just before sunset. This photo shows just how vibrant a daytime sparkler exit can be. Day or night, our sparklers will create the dazzling glow you are looking for.
Grand sparkler wedding exit
Brittany and Glen wanted to use sparklers during the day for their wedding, too! This exit turned out to be just perfect, proof that wedding sparklers will light up your exit no matter what time of day it is.