Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas and Tips

Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th, celebrates the Mexican army's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. Though the battle was not a major strategic win, the Mexican victory, despite being outnumbered by 3:1, was a symbolic turning point. When Mexican-Americans in California heard of the victory, they celebrated with drinks and fireworks.

Today, Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo with parades and parties. Whether to express common solidarity against colonial oppression or in symbolic appreciation of Mexican culture and heritage, May 5th lends itself to festivities. If you're hosting a Cinco de Mayo event this year, you've come to the right place for ideas to kick your fiesta up a notch.

Mariachi for Cinco De Mayo

What Colors Should I Use for Cinco de Mayo Decorations?

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the colors found on the Mexican flag:

  • Red: the color of religion and heroes' blood
  • White: the color of unity and purity
  • Green: the color of hope and independence

If you're looking for added symbolism with your decorations, you may include a golden eagle with a snake in its talons—a nod to Mexico's Aztec roots. Legend has it that their god told them to build a city (Tenochtitlan) where they see an eagle carrying a serpent.

Celebratory mexico flag for cinco de mayo

Ways To Incorporate Cinco de Mayo Colors

You can buy flags, tablecloths, mantle runners, balloons, and flowers to decorate in Cinco de Mayo colors. In addition, your guests can join in using I Love Sparklers' Cinco De Mayo party celebration supplies, including:

  • Red, green, and white confetti cannons: Mix and match colored confetti cannons to add a "pop" of color and fun to your party. Twist the bottom of the canisters to release a shower of red, white, or green—propelled by compressed air—up to 15 feet high.
  • Multi-color confetti cannons: Colored plant dyes derived from the land is part of what made Mexico world-famous. From the vibrant homes, colorful desert flowers, and banners draping the town square to the hand-painted mariachi maraca, bead art, and swirling dresses women wear, you'll find a multitude of colors in modern Mexico—so why not celebrate this natural beauty with multi-colored confetti cannons?
  • Multi-color or white powder cannons: A color powder cannon releases water-soluble powder made from food-grade corn starch. Opt for a multitude of bright colors—from pink and purple to blue and green—or add white powder cannons to your confetti to enhance the celebration.
Red Green and White confetti cannons for cinco de mayo

Also, don't forget Cinco De Mayo party sparklers—a lovely after-dinner treat to enjoy with dessert. Choose from 10-inch sparklers (with a 35-40 second burn time) or 20-inch sparklers (with a 2-minute burn time). Finally, if you're organizing an extensive photo shoot that includes a tunnel or sky-writing, you may want 36-inch wedding sparklers, which can be found on our all sparklers page. Though simple, these small details make for amazing photos and joyful memories for years to come. 


Other Cinco de Mayo Celebration Ideas

  • Dress up: While sombreros are largely viewed as stereotypical cultural appropriation, you can still dress in colorful and festive floral patterns or outfits from Mexican designers like Carla Fernandez, Julia y Renata, or Alejandra Quesada.
  • Feast: Create a festive nacho appetizer spread with red salsa, blanco queso, and green guacamole. Top mango, papaya, pineapple, and watermelon with lime juice and chili powder. A build-your-own-taco bar satisfies every palate with grilled veggies, shredded cheese, beef, beans, Mexican rice, lettuce, and a mix of hard and soft shells. Corn salad made with fresh corn cut from the cob, tomato, onion, black beans, cilantro, olive oil, lime, salt, and cotija cheese makes the perfect side. Popular Mexican desserts include churros, sopapillas, Mexican wedding cookies, tres leches cake, and hot chocolate with bittersweet morsels, cinnamon, and chili powder.
  • Set the Mood: With seven Latin Grammys and over 50 million records sold, you can't go wrong playing Vicente Fernandez in the background of your party. Or you might liven up the mood with Mariachi Cobre. Decorate with colorful paper banners, flowers in vases or terra cotta pots, candles, flags, and art by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, or Leonora Carrington.
  • Have Fun: Host a Mexican history trivia game with prizes for the winner. Try a hot sauce challenge to see which party guests can withstand the most spice. Kids can hit a pinata, play musical chairs, or roll dice to win pieces of candy. A soccer ball can keep the kids busy long enough to have a couple of margaritas. Send guests home with miniature cacti as party favors.
cinco de mayo food bar and drinks

Prepare For Your Fiesta with I Love Sparklers

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