Decorating Your Confetti Cannons DIY

Two Young Women Under a Confetti Cannon

A real party uses confetti. In all honesty, confetti cannons are often the highlight of a party and add excitement and fun. Party confetti cannons are a very popular choice for birthdays, wedding and other special occasions.

Although they are ideal by themselves, you can make confetti cannons more personal or formalized to fit a particular theme. For instance, gender reveal confetti cannons are a popular theme such as blue confetti cannons or pink confetti cannon. Another widely held theme is the red, white, and blue confetti cannon, especially around the 4th of July.

Party confetti cannons can be a décor piece instead of a basic prop. In fact, everyone will wait in anticipation as they eye the focal point of the occasion. And when the celebration explodes, these DIY confetti cannons will make your occasion even more memorable.

Make the day unforgettable with DYI confetti cannons that you can easily decorate yourself. Here are numerous party craft ideas for decorating your own confetti cannons. It is the ideal way to add that special touch to your wedding or special occasion.

Wrapping Paper Around a Confetti Cannon

Wrap it Up

Generally, when you buy confetti cannons at a store, they are not to pretty to look at. However, you can DIY makeover and turn these ugly but fun party poppers into a wonderful display. In fact, one of the easiest and most ways to do a confetti cannon decoration is to “Wrap it up” with wrapping paper or scrapbook paper of your choice. Just keep in mind that it is difficult to determine what color is inside the cannons. Even if the label says pastels you may end up with bright rainbow colors. But regardless of the color, no-one will notice because they will be having too much fun. DIY wrapping is simple and fun:

  1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper the length of the cannon. Make sure it is wide enough to wrap around the cannon one time plus overlap approximately 1/4?.

    2. Divide your wrapping paper into a top and bottom piece so they can be twisted. For a guideline, use the already existing twisting line on the cannon. 

    3. Notice which direction the arrows are pointing on the cannon before you apply the wrapping. 

    4. With double stick tape, adhere the top and bottom pieces of wrapping by rolling it up. Make sure the whole cannon is covered. 

    5. Using a glue pen, draw on the arrows so the user knows which way to twist. 

Paint it On

A great makeover for confetti cannons is to paint the tube with chalk board paint. You can also decorate the tube with chalk paint markers. In fact, decorating ideas with chalkboard paint are almost endless. For example, you can keep to the basics and use solid colors or you can go wild with colors and textures. The designs are only limited by your imagination. You can be as articulate or carefree as you desire.

bling it out confetti cannon

Bling it Out

Bling it out with an array of party ideas for your confetti cannons. Liven it up and have some fun by adding streamers, gems or glitter. Streamers! The ultimate cannon has multi colored streamers. They add an unmatched theater effect and gems add a wonderful accent to your theme. You can apply them to your party poppers or add a little life to your table settings. And last but not least, glitter! Don’t be afraid to sparkle things up with a little glitter. Apply the color that you want using a glue stick then shake off the excess.