Golden Anniversary Parties

Couples Anniversary with Golden Confetti

One of the best ways you can jazz up golden anniversary parties is with cake sparklers and gold confetti cannons. In fact, it is a wonderful way to recognize the significance of your golden anniversary. Moreover, many feel that celebrating 50 years of marriage is one of the most important dates in your marriage. And when sparklers and confetti cannons are incorporated into anniversary party, the event is sure to please everyone.

Surprise golden anniversary parties are also a unique way to celebrate. Sparklers for cake and gold confetti and streamer cannons, are a fail safe way to orchestrate the perfect surprise party. Just have a particular signal or set up a specific time to light the party favors when the honored guests arrive. Simply hand out the confetti cannons and sparklers to guests and have them pull the string when the couple enters the room. Not only will the guests of honor be delighted but your guest will love participating in the fun.

Anniversary Sparkler Celebration

Cake Sparklers

Cake sparklers are ideal for anniversaries. They make a miraculous presentation on any type of anniversary cake. Moreover, their beautiful golden sparks fit the occasion perfectly. In effect, everyone will be delighted with the results and be talking about your party for weeks after the occasion. When lit, the spectacular light show lasts for about 30 seconds with a 10-inch sparkling showcase that is almost smokeless. In addition, they easily attach to the cake for safe and easy to light fun. What is more, cake sparklers come in a variety of options to fit your budget. The most economical is to buy your sparklers in bulk cases of 240 individual sparklers. You can also buy smaller amounts in packs of 4 total. Sparklers can be used indoors or outdoors. However, for the best safety they are recommended for outdoor use.

Gold Confetti Cannon

Gold Confetti Cannons

Golden anniversary parties should never be without gold confetti cannons, especially if it is a surprise event. Not only do they add to your golden theme but they are one of the most magnificent confetti cannons on the market. It has a body that is 18-inches long and 2-inches in diameter. They have a fantastic shooting display of black-and-gold metallic confetti. Moreover, they are not pyrotechnic (of or relating to fireworks) and are used both indoors and outdoors. And the best part is; gold confetti cannons will shoot 20-feet into the air. There is no better way to add excitement to your golden anniversary party than with these magnificent confetti cannons. Additionally, they do not create any smoke. Likewise, confetti cannons cool down quickly making them a low fire hazard.

Couple Holding Sparklers to Celebrate Anniversary

Sparklers Wedding and Anniversary Package

When celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, you want to do it in a big way. It is a great milestone you should be proud of. The sparklers wedding package creates the maximum afterglow effect as the special couple leaves the celebration. With an easy-to-light tip, many of your guests will be delighted to help you out. As well, the long lasting sparklers burn for about 2 minutes, making the show even more impressive. Even the colors are a brilliant gold when burning. And to top it off, the sparklers are near smokeless, making them the ideal choice for golden anniversary parties. Additionally, you can choose which option is best for your party such as 96 Sparklers for 90 guests up to 240 Sparklers for 230 guests.

You can add a beautiful touch with these golden wedding anniversary ideas. Not only will they create the perfect celebration ambiance but they will make your significant day filled with memories that last a lifetime.