How To Plan A Sparkling Surprise Birthday

Birthdays come once a year, but the memories can last a lifetime with the right amount of planning--and a few affordable accessories that elevate the festivities. While we typically forget about fireworks until Independence Day, birthday sparklers are widely available all year round to add joy to your celebration. Here are a few ideas on using these fun party accessories to impress the guest of honor, capture amazing photos, and have partygoers talking for years to come.

Form a Birthday Sparklers Tunnel

With our bulk birthday sparklers, you can have guests form two lines across from one another. Then, light the sparklers, and hold them up, slightly leaning toward each other, creating a tunnel of light for the guest of honor. Have your photographer ready at the end of the tunnel to capture the smiles. We recommend using 36-inch wedding sparklers, as they twinkle for a full three minutes. For best results, organize outdoors at twilight.

Replace Candles with Cake Celebration Sparklers

Every birthday cake needs candles and a song, right? Instead of having the guest of honor blow out the candles, you can replace this with charming, numbered celebration sparklers. They burn for 30-45 seconds, long enough for a smile, a photo, and the customary “Happy Birthday” song.

Parade Out the VIP 4 or 6-Inch Bottle Sparklers

Birthdays can be celebrated at home or in a favorite restaurant. For these occasions, 4-inch champagne bottle sparklers or 6-inch bottle service sparklers are a fun way to kick off the drinks and festivities for the 21+ crowd. Both sparklers will release a smokeless golden fountain, with the only difference being that the 4-inch sparklers burn for 30 seconds and form a 10-inch fountain, whereas the 6-inch bottle sparklers burn for 50 seconds and form a 12-16-inch fountain.

Light Up the Backyard with Surprise Party Sparklers

Pass out a sparkler and lighter to every guest for the surprise party. As they wait in the dark, you’ll hear the gate, and everyone will ignite their surprise party sparklers for a dazzling display of “fireflies” in the backyard. Be sure you have at least one camera focused on the entry to catch the look of shock—and then delight—as the birthday honoree sees what you have planned.

Write Letters with Your Sparklers

You may have seen a neat effect where people “write” words in fire using sparklers. For a birthday celebration, you could have guests write out the honoree’s name or age. Use one person per letter or number but write it backward so the camera sees the correct form. (You can also flip the finished image in a photo editor later).

You can use a smartphone app like Slow Shutter Cam, Light Painter, Slow Shutter!, or Magic Shutter, or adjust a DSLR camera with a shutter speed set to 3 seconds. The motion used to draw the letter should take about three seconds. If the picture is too dark, adjust the speed to 4 seconds or 2 if it’s too light. The result is well worth the effort!

Buy Birthday Party Accessories To Host a Unique Celebration

In addition to birthday sparklers, you may choose to stock up on a number of cool birthday party accessories, including confetti, streamer, and powder cannons. You’ll find everything you need at I Love Sparklers. Bulk orders worth $50+ ship free, and we offer deep discounts when you buy five or more of the same items. Orders placed before 3 pm CST go out same-day, otherwise next-business-day, and most shipments arrive within one to five days.

Together, let’s make this a year to remember!