How To Use Confetti Cannons for Sporting Events

Confetti cannons add an extra “pop” of excitement to any sporting event. Whether on the court, the field, or the race track, handheld confetti and streamer cannons deliver a safe, fun, and cost-effective celebration of key moments with your fans. Find out when and how organizers are using confetti cannons for sporting events, big and small. And when you are ready for your big event, we have everything you need at I Love Sparklers.

Confetti at sporting event

The Best Times To Use Handheld Confetti and Streamer Cannons at Sporting Events

You ideally want multiple confetti cannons going off simultaneously in an epic flurry of excitement to achieve maximum effect. But when, exactly, should that happen? Here are some ideas where we’ve seen handheld confetti and streamer cannons deployed at sporting events:

·      To celebrate a triumphant victory

This is the most obvious moment to release the confetti. It’s a classic scenario: there are just seconds left in the match when the game-winning point is scored, and the crowd roars. A simple twist of the bottom of the canister will release the confetti at the same time. You might also consider handing out multiple cannons to celebrate each goal.

Victory Confetti for soccer game

·      While parading in the victory tour bus

For some events, a victory tour bus drives through town in a magnificent cavalcade to celebrate. Why not shower your loyal spectators and the local media with colorful confetti from the windows and the top deck of the bus?


Parade Confetti

·      When introducing the team

Those first few moments where the team charges out to greet fans are a whirlwind of good vibes and positivity. It’s never too early to celebrate an impending win. Kick off the match with the crowd energy that wins games--and even if it doesn’t work out in your favor, everyone will appreciate the fact they still had cause to celebrate.

Confetti for team entering field

·      For t-shirt cannon promotions

T-shirt cannons are often used to express support for fans and pump up the crowd, getting them out of their seats and into a competitive mindset. As your t-shirt cannons propel the freebies into the stands, have a few extra hands deploy confetti to elicit extra smiles and cheers.

Tshirt cannon at sporting event

·      At award presentations

Handheld confetti and streamer cannons are an easy way to celebrate your MVPs. No added equipment or setup is necessary to send brilliant bits of confetti up to 20 feet in the air using the power of compressed air.

Confetti at award presentation

·      To honor special guests

A shower of confetti is a playful way to surprise a former coach, player, honored administrator, veteran, or local hero who comes out to speak before or after the big event.

Confetti showering after speech

·      In place of champagne

In sports like car racing, it’s customary to celebrate a win with champagne, but what if participants are non-drinkers? Instead of giving them a non-alcoholic beverage, some organizers are switching to confetti cannons as a new tradition that’s inclusive and equally enjoyed by everyone.

Race car sporting event confetti

Biodegradable and Water-Soluble Confetti Cannons Are the Responsible Choice

While reflective mylar confetti pieces can be shiny and bold, you’ll want an earth-friendly choice, especially if you’re throwing an event outdoors and can’t sweep up the aftermath. It’s important to read the label of what you’re buying because all confetti cannons are not created the same. I Love Sparkler sells biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons. Order your sporting event confetti cannons today from I Love Sparklers.