Sparklers for Every Special Occasion

Sparklers are an exciting addition to any celebration! While they are becoming quite popular for special wedding exits, they can also be used for a range of other occasions. Here are a few ideas:

1. Birthdays

Whether they're given as party favors, used while singing 'Happy Birthday,' or lit for the big sendoff, our birthday sparklers will add a magically modern touch to your party!

birthday sparklers

2. Graduation

Academic milestones are definitely meant to be celebrated. Let our cake sparklers brighten the occasion!

graduation sparklers

3. Anniversary

Sparklers at weddings help celebrate the beginning of your journey and sparklers at your anniversary party will help celebrate your continued commitment to that journey! (This would be the perfect time for our special Heart-Shaped Sparklers!)

anniversary sparklers

4. House Warming

With your closest friends and family gathered to celebrate a new home, our sparklers will brighten the occasion and light the way for many happy years! Break in that new yard (or driveway) by lighting up some special occasion sparklers. Our 20-inch Sparklers would be perfect for this party!

house warming sparklers

5. New Years

You can't ring in the new year without some sparks! One of the most popular traditions is fireworks and holiday sparklers on New Years and our 36-inch Sparklers or Star-Shape Sparklers would be just the trick.

new years sparklers

6. Diwali

The Festival of Lights is an ancient Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. Sparklers are a major tradition in this custom and we're proud that so many people celebrating this custom come to us for sparklers for Diwali!

diwali sparklers

7. Independence Day

What's more American than apple pie and baseball? Sparklers on the 4th of July! We even have unique Star-Shaped Sparklers that are perfect for your patriotic party!

independence day sparklers

8. Valentine's Day

Set aside the chocolates and jewelry. Sparklers are a beautifully modern way to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day! Our heart-shaped sparklers couldn't be more perfect for this occasion.

valentines day sparklers