The Impact of Confetti Cannons on Music Events: How They Enhance the Experience

The sudden swirl of confetti produces a dreamlike effect, especially when combined with live music and the eager anticipation of the crowd. Audiences will want to have their cameras ready once the sudden pop of colored paper heightens the mood so they can capture the memories forever. Whether to introduce an act, weave dynamic surprises into your show, or end with a bang, I Love Sparklers’ handheld confetti cannons are remarkable special effects for musicians, concert attendees, music venues, and festival planners alike.

How Concerts Use Confetti Cannons

Concert reviews can’t help but mention confetti when chronicling the most memorable moments. Coldplay is one of the most well-known modern acts to weave confetti into their emotional performances.

  • At a show in St. Paul, MN, Coldplay couldn’t wait until the grand finale for the confetti shower. Instead, the band released butterfly, heart, and flower-shaped pieces during the third song, “In My Place.”
  • In Columbus, OH, two rows shot confetti to the venue’s ceiling during “A Head Full of Dreams.”
  • In San Jose, one spectator likened the experience to being in a “World Series victory parade” when the multi-colored confetti came raining down just two songs into the show.
multi color confetti celebration at concert

But they’re not alone. Among the many other artists who have incorporated confetti cannons are:

  • OK Go: “Clouds of confetti and neon lights were staples in the quartet’s set,” one reviewer in Nebraska notes. The release of colorful confetti during the third song of the night, “The Writing’s on the Wall,” stirred the audience to their feet—and they never sat back down again.
  • Dropkick Murphys: The gang loves to use handheld confetti cannons to surprise audiences in the front rows. At Wembley Stadium, they brought “an arsenal of confetti cannons, lasers, and bagpipes” for a “heartfelt, comedic” two-hour set that left enthusiastic crowds wanting more.
  • Green Day: The red, white, and blue confetti cannons helped trigger one reviewer’s realization: Green Day is not really a punk band anymore but “one of the great American rock bands.”
  • Ariana Grande: When Ariana strutted through Jacksonville, Florida, in 2019, the reviewer confessed, “She didn’t really need all those costume changes, confetti cannons, and umbrella-wielding backup dancers, but they sure did make for a fun show.”
  • Billie Eilish: At the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, a concertgoer recalled, “Every repressed, unnerving emotion, every smattering of tangled personal history in the crowd erupted like the confetti from the rafters as Billie closed, with enough vivacity to provide all the gratification the crowd had been yearning for.”
  • Twenty-One Pilots: For nearly a decade, Twenty-One Pilots has ended their concerts with “Trees,” deploying confetti from two drum islands during the second half of the song. Fans looking forward to the event sometimes bring Ziploc bags to collect confetti souvenirs after the show’s rousing conclusion.
Confetti cannons at music concert


Confetti Cannons Can Make an Impact or Get the Crowd Involved

A musical performance can surprise audiences by deploying a variety of confetti and streamer cannons at key moments, coordinated with the beat of the drum, a change in lighting, or a musician’s stage entrance or exit. But you don’t need a skilled special effects technician--just one favor per person handed out at the entry gates and instructions on when to deploy the cannons for maximum effect. Our handheld confetti cannons shoot colored paper up to 20 feet into the air while actively involving the whole crowd in the production.  

White Confetti Cannon for Concert Event Celebration

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If you’re holding an outdoor event or festival, shop all biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons for an eco-friendly product. Confetti isn’t going out of style any time soon. It’s the perfect complement to a high-energy performance.  Shop I Love Sparklers’ confetti and streamer cannons for your next event. Contact us if you have questions about getting the best bang for your buck.