18 inch white confetti cannon
18" Confetti Cannon - White - Wedding Celebration
18" Confetti Cannon - White - Wedding Celebration
18" Confetti Cannon - White Eco
18" Confetti Cannon - White Eco
18 inch white confetti cannon

White Confetti Cannon

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Elegant and festive, an 18-inch white confetti cannon works well for weddings, christenings, and other special events. The 18-inch-long, 2-inch-wide tube comes prefilled with water-soluble confetti or 100% biodegradable confetti. All you have to do is twist the bottom of the canister and point to the sky to shoot white confetti 15 to 20 feet in the air. Watch it twirl down to the ground for a dazzling effect. These cannons can be used indoors or outdoors in all 50 states, as they work by compressed air, with no pyrotechnics or smoke involved. 

What does a white confetti cannon symbolize?

You may choose a white confetti cannon for:

  • Symbolism – White is clean, fresh, and simple. It’s a symbol of purity, light, and new beginnings
  • Wedding Confetti CannonsWhite complements the bride’s dress and perhaps even the flowers
  • Christenings – White symbolizes innocence-- perfect for a baby’s baptism party.
  • Hannukah – Blue and white are the colors of Hannukah, Jewish prayer shawls, and Israel’s flag.
  • Christmas – The color of Santa’s beard, angels, snow, and ice-- celebrate with white!
  • Independence Day  Pair with our red and blue confetti cannons to celebrate the colors of the US flag.
  • New Year’s Eve  White and silver are often paired for a final countdown confetti pop.
  • Black Tie Galas – Use white and black for an elegant, chic, event-appropriate finale.
  • Graduations  Many graduation caps and gowns are white. It may even match your school’s colors.
  • Birthday Celebration Supplies From Winter Wonderland to the Great Gatsby, white is an ideal accent.

What’s special about a water-soluble white confetti cannon?

Some confetti cannons are better than others. I Love Sparklers has two types of confetti. One with water-soluble white confetti cannon, the pieces can vanish in a matter of minutes if it is wet and trampled down by the public. If it is dry, it may be whisked away by the wind immediately or fully break down within a week or two, making clean-up a breeze.

What’s special about our white biodegradable confetti?

Our white biodegradable confetti is made from a thin style tissue paper that gives a more vibrant white color then the white water-soluble confetti cannons. If it is wet confetti takes a few days to break apart and vanish.

Is a compressed air confetti cannon safe?

I Love Sparklers sells safe yet effective compressed air confetti cannons that use no heating element, smoke, fire, or pyrotechnics. You also will not have to worry about a potentially faulty spring-loaded mechanism.

How can I get the best photo of the compressed air confetti cannons going off?

When photographing compressed air confetti cannon poppers:

  • Go for a shutter speed of about 1/200 and a lower lens aperture somewhere around f/2.8.
  • Position subjects based on the wind, so the confetti is blowing from the subject to the camera.
  • Stand on a ladder or in an upstairs window, so you are snapping the shot at confetti-level.

Why I Love Sparklers for your white confetti cannon?

We pride ourselves on fast, reliable service. You can expect same-day (before 3 pm) or next-day shipping in most cases, with arrival between 1-5 days, depending on how close you are to our Magnolia, TX warehouse. Orders over $50 ship free, and pickup can be arranged for local orders.

No matter what type of event you’re planning, I Love Sparklers is happy to provide you with high-quality party celebration supplies that guarantee a memorable occasion for all.

Customer Reviews

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Jon L.

These things are a lot of fun, especially for an 11 year old kids birthday party!

Kelli D.
Graduation ceremony

It was such a great addition to the graduation ceremony of my daughter. I purchased the purple and white confetti canons for each of the 38 graduating seniors in my daughter’s class! They were a hit! Thank you so much! I have an awesome video I’d love to share!

Janet G.W.
Love the product

Best customer service I have ever experienced!!!! The product was perfect.

Laura F.
so fun!!

great! very exciting for a gender reveal party. big pops!

matt v.

It was the hit of the wedding. Not sure of what to expect because I had not used these before and it was going to be a breezy wind outside for the wedding i bought extra cannons and tested one first. One of the clusters of paper did not open but the rest did. Even with a slight breeze and adjusting the positioning of the cannons for the wind it was spectacular. Great product. I had to expedite shipping to get them on time and you did it without a hitch. The bonus is the paper is great for outdoor celebrations because it is made of biodegradable paper and if you want to you can mow over it.
Thank you and great job