6" Bottle Top Cake Sparklers

6" Inch Bottle Top / Cake Sparklers

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6 Inch Bottle Top and Cake Sparklers

  • Burn time: 50 seconds
  • Ideal for birthday parties or special events
  • Emit gold sparks
  • Received in packs of 4

Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers are a great way to dramatically light up your Birthday Party, Wedding or Event! Our Birthday Cake / Bottle Top Sparklers measure approximately 6-inches long and .5-inch in diameter. When lit, these sparklers for bottles burn for about 50 seconds, with a 12” to 16" almost smokeless gold fountain effect.


If you are wanting to make a bold statement to really wow your guests, then these 6-inch birthday cake/bottle top sparklers are the right choice for you! These sparklers are the perfect addition to any occasion such as a 21st birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party and/or wedding. Rest assured, your nightclub or restaurant will become a good place for good moments! Add a sparkling touch to your dessert menu with cake/bottle top sparklers on top of any delicious treat! These sparklers make for the perfect candle to any birthday cake. They are sure to enhance your customer's experience when used for VIP bottle top sparkler champagne service! With their gold sparks emitting from the top creating a moment of entertainment, these sparklers are guaranteed to be a crowd favorite!


For a wedding your guests won't forget, these cake/bottle top sparklers will really make it a night to remember! Make a grand entrance into your reception with bottle top sparklers shooting up gold sparks as you enter. With your guests cheering you on and the love of your life next to you, this will be a moment you will never forget! Use our Bottle Top Sparkler clips to secure the sparkler onto the bottle and create a display of lights that is simply stunning! These sparklers can also be the perfect match at the reception when it is time to cut the cake. With the photographer capturing every second, you can be certain that this memory will be cherished forever. You can place the cake top sparklers on your wedding cake and light them right before you and your significant other cut the cake! With everyone watching and the gold sparks shooting out, this will be a pause in time to reminisce on for years to follow.


To use these cake/bottle top sparklers on a bottle, you can use one of our Bottle Service Clips that just snaps on to the neck of your bottle, then insert the bottle service sparkler into the side of the clip with the plastic tip down. Next, light the flat, white top of the tube with a lighter and watch your gold sparks appear! Be sure to lean the bottle away from anyone when lighting the birthday cake sparklers. To use our cake/bottle top sparklers for a birthday celebration, use the 1-inch long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler to set and secure it in any cake or food product.


Birthday cake/bottle top sparklers are recommended for outside use only. When using the sparklers, do not lean directly over the sparkler. Be sure to point the sparkler away from any person(s) or anything flammable when in use.