18" Confetti Cannon - Purple
Purple and Green Confetti Cannon Celebration
18" Confetti Cannon - Purple
Purple Confetti Cannon

Purple Confetti Cannon

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Purple is a color often associated with luxury, royalty, grandeur, and wisdom. It is also tied to creativity, mystery, and magic. If you’re looking to add significance, vibrance, and festivity to your next celebration, consider a purple confetti cannon from I Love Sparklers.

What Makes I Love Sparklers’ Purple Confetti Cannon So Special?

Unlike many products today, all the I Love Sparklers’ confetti cannons are shipped from our Magnolia, TX warehouse. Rest assured, you will receive prompt shipping. Orders placed before 3 pm go out same-day. It should arrive within 1-5 business days via UPS Ground; if you order more than 12 purple confetti poppers, your order ships free of charge. 

Reviewers love that our purple confetti cannon is made from biodegradable tissue paper-- there is no need to sweep up after the party. The paper simply vanishes! The popping effect occurs with the release of compressed air. They do not create any heat, smoke, or fire hazard. 

How Do Purple Confetti Poppers Work?

To deploy, simply hold the two-inch canister in one hand and twist the tube gently with your other hand. The mechanism is easy enough for a child to use under direct adult supervision. Just be sure the tube is pointed upward and outward, away from the face. The 18-inch purple confetti poppers shoot up to 20 feet into the air!

Why Do People Buy Purple Confetti Poppers?

Most people purchase purple poppers as birthday celebration supplies. They’re an easy way to get everyone involved in the fun. Imagine the look of surprise on the birthday boy or girl’s face with a bunch of poppers going off? Other people order purple cannons to use at parades, festivals, or weddings. 

How Many Purple Confetti Cannons Should You Buy?

The number of purple confetti cannons you need depends upon what type of celebration you’re having:

  • For a drive-by parade, we suggest 1-5 purple confetti poppers to make a statement.
  • For the first dance at a wedding: position 5-10 cannons in the corners surrounding the first dance.
  • For a photoshoot: purchase 1-5 color cannons per take, with at least two takes planned to get it perfect.
  • For a banquet hall event: go big with 20 cannons or one per person and fire them off after a countdown.

Any questions about your purple confetti party? Contact I Love Sparkers before placing your order.