18" Confetti Cannon - Yellow
Yellow Confetti Cannon
18" Confetti Cannon - Yellow

Yellow Confetti Cannon

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Yellow is an attention-grabber, no matter the occasion. It’s the color of sunflowers, smiley faces, light bulbs, turmeric, and lemons. Hindu deities Vishnu, Krishna, and Ganesh, wear yellow vestiges to represent knowledge and wisdom. In nearly every culture, yellow exudes the qualities of the sun-- new beginnings, optimism, happiness, warmth, and abundance. For your next special event, consider adding this “pop” of color with a yellow confetti cannon.  

Buy the 18” Biodegradable Yellow Confetti Cannon from I Love Sparklers!

Our yellow confetti cannon is 100% mylar-free. The nontoxic tissue paper confetti is fully biodegradable, so there is no need to fret about clean-up if you’re deploying your cannons outdoors. Even for an indoor setting, you’ll be glad you used our high-quality tissue paper, as it does not bleed dye onto fingers or clothing.

How Do Yellow Confetti Poppers Work?

Yellow confetti poppers are easy enough for a child to pop with adult supervision. Simply hold the two-inch canister in one hand, twist, and pop with the other while pointing upward. There is no heat, smoke, or pyrotechnic effects, but the confetti can blast up to 15 feet in the air using the power of compressed air.

Why Do People Buy Confetti Cannons?

Yellow confetti cannons have gained popularity in recent years for:

How Many Confetti Cannons Should I Buy?

If you purchase at least 12 confetti cannons, you pay nothing for shipping! We recommend one party popper per guest for the most exciting event. If you’re organizing a drive-by parade, one to five poppers should suffice. Photoshoots typically use one to five cannons per take, with two takes total. Weddings may use party poppers as wedding favors with one per place setting, or they may use two confetti cannons in each corner of the dance floor for the first dance.

How Fast Will My Order Arrive?

I Love Sparklers ships out of Magnolia, TX. Orders placed before 3 pm ship out same-day. If it’s after 3 pm on a Friday, your order will ship out on Monday. You can expect your order in 1-5 business days via UPS Ground, depending on where you are located. We offer curbside pickup if you live in The Woodlands, north of Houston. You can also contact us if you’re ordering birthday celebration items on a tight deadline.