18" Confetti Cannon - Red
18 inch Red Confetti Cannons for celebration
18 inch Red Confetti Cannons for graduation
18" Confetti Cannon - Red

Red Confetti Cannon

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Red confetti cannons release bold, biodegradable color into the air to celebrate a special event. I Love Sparklers’ compressed air confetti cannons are smoke-free and safe enough for children to use with supervision. One hand holds the 2-inch x 18-inch cannon, while the other twists and pops the tissue paper 15-20 feet high in the sky.

Why choose a red confetti cannon?

While our confetti cannons come in all colors, you may select our red confetti cannon for:

  • Symbolism – Red can symbolize life, health, war, courage, love, anger, passion, or vitality.
  • Christmas – Red is the color of holly berries. Pair with green for Christmas.
  • Chinese New Year – In China, red indicates luck, joy, and happiness – all good omens in the new year.
  • Valentine’s Day – Red is the color of the heart and is often used along with white and pink for valentines.
  • Birthday Supplies – Red may be the birthday host’s favorite color or match your theme.
  • India’s Holi Festival – Red is the color of brides and married women, symbolizing sensuality and purity.
  • Weddings – Red is a traditional gown color in Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Korea, and China.
  • Event Color Themes – Red can be combined with black, blue, purple, gold, or green for an event theme.
  • Independence Day Party Supplies Red, white, and blue really “pop” on the 4th of July.
  • Sports – Show team spirit for the Chicago Bulls, Arizona Cardinals, KC Chiefs, or Detroit Redwings.

Why is a red biodegradable confetti cannon the best option?

We want to have fun at our parties, but not at the expense of the planet. I Love Sparklers’ red biodegradable confetti cannon deploys 100% biodegradable tissue paper. If the weather is dry, the paper may blow away or degrade over 1-2 weeks. If it is wet, the paper could disappear in a matter of hours.

Is a compressed air confetti cannon safe to use?

There is no smoke or fire when you release a loud-banging compressed air confetti cannon. Remember is to point the cannon up and away from the face-- and get your photographer ready! For the best shot, capture at a lower shutter speed, from a slightly higher vantage point, with the wind blowing confetti toward the camera.

How many compressed air confetti cannon poppers do I need?

If you’re hosting a wedding and want a dynamic first dance, you’ll need at least two cannons at opposite ends of the dance floor to make a dramatic effect. For smaller events, we recommend purchasing compressed air confetti cannon poppers for all your guests to join in the fun. 

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