Black Confetti Cannon
Black Confetti Cannon

Black Confetti Cannon

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Choose a black confetti cannon to and add extra pizazz to the party. Graduations, Halloween parties, New Year’s Eve, and weddings are all perfect celebrations to send confetti soaring up to 20 feet into the sky. Why keep your joy contained when it’s so much fun to be shoot confetti?

Elevate the Party with a Black Confetti Cannon

The black confetti cannon from I Love Sparklers uses compressed air to pop matte, dark-colored paper 15-20 feet in the air. If you’re planning on photographing the big moment, we recommend crossing two to four across the camera’s field of vision for maximum effect. Photographing down from an upstairs window or ladder typically captures the moment best.

Why Buy Black Confetti Poppers?

Black confetti poppers can be used to symbolize power, mystery, elegance, or formality for:

  • Graduation celebration itemsBlack has been the traditional graduation gown and cap color in America since 1894, when the American Intercollegiate Commission formalized the standard. Before that, medieval scholars walked the town in black or brown robes, signifying their scholarly (and often religious) status. Black tassels carry further significance for economics majors.
  • Halloween celebration suppliesBlack is the color of witches’ hats, spooky cats, cauldrons, spiders, and the inky darkness that invites ghouls and demons to prowl the streets. It’s a mysterious and mystical color to use for your next Halloween bash.
  • New Year’s celebration products Black and silver represent power and modernity, which is why they’re highly regarded New Year’s Eve colors. Pairing black with gold confetti is another traditional combination to signify glitz, glamor, and wishing for wealth in the coming year. Don’t be left out of the Times Square Celebration on December 31st when according to The New York Times, 3,000 pounds of confetti are dumped on the spectators below.

Easy Clean Up with a Black Biodegradable Confetti Cannon

Cleanup is easy when you choose a black biodegradable confetti cannon. Metallic confetti may need to be swept, but naturally dyed, eco-friendly, biodegradable confetti will dissolve in water within a week or two.

Confetti Cannons for Weddings

Wedding planners may use confetti cannons to create photo-perfect moments and highlight events like the couple’s arrival at the reception, the first kiss, the first dance, wedding party photos, or the send-off at the end of the night. Black is often paired with dusty pink, burgundy, dark teal, emerald, gold, red, or white for a classy and unforgettable evening.

Get a Compressed Air Confetti Cannon Shipped Fast

Need your confetti cannons fast? Great news: we have the black compressed air confetti cannon in stock, and we’re ready to ship same day if you order before 3 pm CST. Otherwise, we’ll send the product from our Magnolia, TX warehouse the next business day, with most orders arriving within a week. Contact us if you have any special requests and tag us @ILoveSparklers. We love to see the swirling, twirling confetti fun in action!