18 inch Orange Confetti Cannon
18 inch Orange Confetti Cannon

Orange Confetti Cannon

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Orange confetti cannons take the celebration to the next level. Simply twist the base of the canister and watch as colored paper blasts 15-20 feet in the air, swirling and twirling down on the crowd. Whether you’re celebrating an autumn wedding, birthday, gender reveal, or Halloween party, orange confetti adds that special touch.

Why Choose an Orange Confetti Cannon?

Orange can represent sociability, joy, happiness, or success. It’s a color of adventure and optimism. In October, orange is the color of changing leaves, pumpkins, and warming fires. Sometimes people choose orange to celebrate or encourage a team at a sporting event.

The orange confetti cannon is a popular choice for:

Are Orange Confetti Poppers Safe for Children?

Children under 12 need adult assistance to use orange confetti poppers. Simply point the confetti cannon toward the sky, up and away from the face. Then, twist the bottom of the 2-inch canister with one hand for a surprising “POP” of confetti.  

Are Orange Biodegradable Confetti Cannon Earth-Friendly?

If you’re indoors, it’s easy enough to sweep up metallic plastic confetti. If you’re outdoors, you’ll want to choose an earth-friendly material made with non-toxic natural dye. This orange biodegradable confetti cannon disperses material that naturally disappears completely within two weeks when exposed to wind, sun, and rain.

How Do Compressed Air Confetti Cannons Work?

Smoke-free and combustion-free, a compressed air confetti cannon shoots colored paper 15-20 feet into the sky that’s released with a gentle twist and pop. Easy and fun, biodegradable air confetti cannons can be used by young and old celebrators.

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