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Purple Powder Cannon

Purple Powder Cannon

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Create a bold, vibrant statement at your next special event with a purple powder cannon. Popular at festivals, 5k color runs, parades, sporting events, weddings, and gender reveal parties, colorful powder cannons add pizzazz and excitement while easily brushing off clothing and naturally biodegrading for effortless cleanup. Stage the perfect photo with the help of I Love Sparklers out of Magnolia, TX. We ship high-quality, reliable party products fast!

What Do Purple Holi Powder Cannons Signify?

Colors add beauty, symbolism, and tradition to India’s annual Holi Festival. For this reason, powder cannons are top sellers in March, just before celebrations begin. Purple Holi powder cannons can be used to symbolize magic and mystery. As the color of the seventh chakra-- the crown chakra-- purple can also signify ambition, goals, spiritual awakening, and divine power.

Why Buy a Purple Powder Cannon?

Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, luxury, and grandeur. It’s the color of creativity and uniqueness, wisdom, mysticism, and transformation. Purple is one of the primary Mardi Gras colors, representing justice. Beyond symbolism, people choose the purple powder cannon to cheer on their favorite purple-wearing sports team or match their event theme, whether it’s a birthday, celebration, wedding, or shower.

The Purple Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Is Gaining in Popularity!

Typically combined with green, a purple gender reveal powder cannon serves as the perfect alternative to traditional blue and pink baby colors. Gender reveal powder cannons are marked inconspicuously, so celebrants never know what color powder is inside until the cannon is deployed, making the surprise truly fascinating.

What Makes Is a Purple Compressed Air Powder Cannon Special?

Unlike Tannerite boom boxes, a purple compressed air powder cannon is smoke-free and explosives-free. A large “pop” sound can be heard when the bottom of the 2x16” canister is twisted, much like a cork popping off a champagne bottle. High velocity is unnecessary for most events. A compressed air cannon can shoot powder up to 20 feet in the air, which is perfect for pictures and making a memorable statement.

Are Purple Biodegradable Powder Poppers Safe for the Environment?

Enjoy all of the fun without leaving Mother Nature with a mess. Purple biodegradable powder poppers can be made with corn starch or rice powder dyed with food-grade, non-toxic coloring. Once deployed, the powder simply washes away in the laundry or the rain without staining. In addition, it is water-soluble, fully biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

Pair Purple with Other Color Powder Cannons or Confetti Cannons!

We recommend pairing purple powder cannons with at least one other color and a mix of materials for maximum impact. I Love Sparkers sells a full range of colorful powder cannons, as well as biodegradable confetti and streamer poppers to meet all your fun and festivity needs.

Enjoy Fast, Reliable Customer Service for Your Purple Powder Cannons from I Love Sparklers

Order your purple powder cannons from I Love Sparklers before 3 pm for same-day shipping or after 3 pm for next-business-day shipping via UPS Ground. Most orders arrive within one to five days. If you live near Houston and need your cannons sooner, you can place your order online and stop by our Magnolia, TX warehouse to pick it up. Bulk orders worth $50 or more ship free! Thank you for choosing I Love Sparklers to make your next event an occasion to remember.