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Number Sparklers

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Whether you're hosting a child's party or special milestone birthday, our sparkler number candles are a perfect way to highlight the age of the birthday boy or girl. Available in numerals 0-9, these birthday candles are anything but ordinary. They produce an impressive crackling, sparkling gold fountain that heightens fun and festivity.

How To Decorate with Number Sparklers

You can use number sparklers standalone or alongside traditional birthday candles in endless configurations. They can also be used as New Year's celebration supplies, retirement party accents, or anniversary party décor. Any special date can be commemorated, as these sparkler number candles are sold individually.

Are Number Sparklers for Cake Safe?

Number sparklers for a cake are similar to handheld sparklers, except that they use less-toxic chemicals and lower fuel levels. The quick burn time ensures that your food will be perfectly safe to eat after the exhilarating display. While a 10-inch sparkler can burn up to 45 seconds, number shaped sparklers typically burn out more quickly—just enough time for a New Year's countdown or a "Happy Birthday" song!

How Are Number Shaped Sparklers Lit?

Our number shaped sparklers are easy to light with a butane barbecue lighter. Just make sure you're in a location away from fans, the wind, or billowy clothing. Once the fire touches the metal tip of the number sparkler, it should successfully ignite to get the party started.

How Are Birthday Candle Number Sparklers Extinguished?

Candle number sparklers will burn out after the fuel is used up. We recommend putting the candle into water, sand, or the sink when you're done to allow for complete cooling before discarding.

Why Choose Number Shaped Sparklers?

There are many different types of sparklers, including longer rods that are perfect for photographs and outdoor use, heart shaped sparklers for romantic celebrations, or star shaped sparklers that sell like hot cakes for Independence Day firework shows. Number shaped sparklers are among the most versatile, as you can combine them in many ways to accent a sentimental date or milestone.

Which Birthday Candle Number Sparklers Are Most Popular?

While any trip around the sun is special, we sell a lot of birthday celebration supplies for first birthdays, sweet 16, 21st birthdays, and then upwards through the decade milestones of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and even 100. Birthday candle number sparklers are a small detail, but the gesture shows how thankful you are to have this person on earth for so many years.

Are Numbered Candles the Only Cake Sparklers Available?

In addition to number-shaped candle sparkers, you may also consider the bottle-top fountain candles for cakes. Numbered candles are suitable for young children, but the 4-inch or 6-inch cake topper fountains can burn 30 to 50 seconds, with an impressive 10 to 16-inch smokeless plume of golden sparks. Either effect is bound to conjure up surprise and awe on the recipient's face.

Birthday Sparklers

"Remember that year they had the cake with the sparklers?" people will be saying for years to come. Birthday sparklers add pizzazz and that special something to a celebration. At a restaurant, when a special birthday dessert comes out with a sparkler crackling, everyone instinctively pulls out their phones to capture this "shareable moment." Elevate the mood from ordinary to extraordinary—all with a simple, affordable sparkler topper.

Party Sparklers

Did you know that party sparklers have existed for centuries? The Greeks and Chinese used these fiery spectacles dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries. The modern sparklers we know today are not a far cry from the German's wunderkerzen made with wire coated in iron and gunpowder in the 1850s. Party sparklers have fascinated audiences young and old throughout the ages,

Why Buy Sparklers Online?

While you can find sparklers at a party store, nothing beats the comfort and convenience when you buy sparklers online. With so many products out of stock these days, it's nice to know you can find reliable inventory ready to ship the same day from a reputable online retailer. We ship from a warehouse in Magnolia, TX, with most orders arriving in one to five days. We stand behind our products with a full satisfaction guarantee, so place your worry-free order today.

Customer Reviews

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Teri C.

Super cool! Just wished they lasted a little longer, but still a very impressive show once they're lit!!

Luz A.


Sharlene H.

Received my package fast !!

Juliet F.

Great product! We needed them quickly and I Love Sparklers made it happen! Highly recommend them and will use them again.

Pamela G.

These are fantastic! I purchased them for my granddaughter's 13th birthday cake and they were a huge hit! I have tried another brand and was disappointed in the size and they were difficult to light. These lit easily and had just enough sparkler to be safe indoors. Loved them and will purchase again!!!! Everyone was delighted! *****